Catching Up With Jack 2023

We Are Currently Planning Next Year’s Event

Our team will begin planning for next year’s event. Details pertaining to Catching Up With Jack including dates and acts will be posted next year. Stay tuned for details.

About Jack

The inspiration which led to a community fighting to find a pediatric cancer cure.

Anyone who knew Jack quickly understood he was special. He was a special son and a fantastic big brother to four little sisters. Two of his greatest loves were Captain America and baseball, but beyond the above, Jack’s greatest love was God. As he endured round after round of treatment for brain cancer, Jack was steadfast in his faith, welcoming his next stage while calming those around him.

Jack’s undying belief was infectious to everyone around him and he has helped countless individuals and families feel closer to God as a result of his good work. We pray and hope that his strength can and will be felt by other families with children battling this terrible disease.

About Our Mission

Through Jack and his strength, we seek to help local families and support groundbreaking pediatric cancer research.

The mission of Catching Up With Jack is to help build and grow the Kingdom of God by sharing Jack’s story through an uplifting family event which raises money to support frontline, innovative research and to help financially support local families going through pediatric cancer.

Now in its sixth year, our team’s focus on finding a pediatric cancer cure and helping to support local families is stronger than ever. Help us in our mission by supporting this year’s event!


raised to help find a pediatric cancer cure

Community partners coming together over the years

local family beneficiaries supported through raised proceeds


Some Images of the Jack Impact

Funded Research and Institutes

Dr. Carl Koschmann

University of Michigan Precision Medicine Program

Dr. Sam Blackman

TAK-580 Trial

Koschmann Lab

Accelerating Pace of DNA Sequencing for Highest Risk Brain Tumors

Toledo Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cancer Unit

“Fires by Jack” Program

Dr. Eric Thompson


Dr. Miguel Rivera

Critical Mechanisms of Gene Regulation

Dr. Carl Koschmann

Rapid Molecular Testing of High Risk Pediatric Brain Tumors

Dr. Marc Remke

Unraveling Medulloblastoma Biology by Proteomics

Our Board of Directors

Brady Fineske

As a proud father I cannot imagine a better way to carry on my son’s legacy than to rally a community around families in need. More specifically to help other families on a similar journey know Jack’s story of trust and faith in our Lord. The work we have accomplished in a short time is extending and changing lives and for that I am grateful to serve and continue to try to catch up with Jack.

Jim Herrick

I feel so honored to be able to serve such a worthy cause. As Jack’s uncle, there is no greater joy to me than helping families going through what his family went through, and leaning on such an amazing community to walk beside and support our work. With as little federal funding as Childhood Cancer research receives, Catching Up With Jack is making a real difference – not only in the families that we help, but the research studies we fund in order to find treatments, and ultimately a cure.

Jesse MacDonald

As a long-time colleague of Brady and friend to the Fineske family, I saw first-hand the impact Jack made on those around him. I feel Jack came into my life for a reason, and his strength in his faith and courage are things I strive for every day and qualities I want to pass on to my own children. While Catching Up with Jack remembers the amazing life of Jack and that impact, it has grown into something we could never have imagined – our community comes together where we strengthen our faith, and at the same time, raise meaningful funds that go to the frontlines of battling pediatric cancer. That is to fund groundbreaking research, and to help local families battling this terrible disease. I am grateful and energized to be part of such an initiative.

Charlotte Wilson

I am proud to be part of Catching Up with Jack and to be able to help local families going through the battle against childhood cancer. Seeing the community come together to raise funds to support research and treatment developments as well as support local families has been very humbling. I look forward to seeing the impact of trying to catch up with Jack for years to come!

Livie Fineske

Jack has had such an amazing impact on so many people, and as his sister, I am so grateful to witness how he has affected not just my own family, but also local families who battle with pediatric cancer. Being able to help other families who are on a similar journey, and to share Jack’s story of trust with them, has been a gift as we work as a community to support all those on the frontlines of the battle at hand. The support for Jack and his legacy of faith and love have created sources of help for many people, and I am honored to be a part of this team as we continue to reach out, serve others, and do our best to Catch Up With Jack.  

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What’s Going On at CUWJ

CUWJ 2022 Raised Over $130,000

We continue to be overwhelmed and amazed by your support. This year our team is happy to announce that because of you, we raised over $130,000.

CUWJ 2022 Headline Performer Announced – Unspoken

We are thrilled to announce our headline performer for Catching Up with Jack 2022 will be Unspoken.

Save the Date: CUWJ 2022 Coming October 3rd.

Please mark your calendars for the evening of Monday, October 3 for Catching Up With Jack 2022 which will be held at Cedar Creek Church’s Perrysburg Campus.

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